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How Much Value Can a Patio Cover Add to My Home?

How Much Value Can a Patio Cover Add to My Home?

Your patio is a great place to enjoy the summer weather, entertain guests or barbecue tantalizing meals, but you want to keep the sun from making things uncomfortable by providing an adequate amount of shade. With the sun beating down on you, there’s nothing like finding shade right on your own patio. Learn how a patio cover can be just what you need to save money, transform your patio, and set the level of comfort for your outdoor space.

What Are The Benefits & Value Of A Patio Cover?

Lower Energy Costs

In the summer things really start to heat up, but a patio does a great job of blocking the sun and stopping heat from entering the area of your home that it rests on. According to Money Chasers, “a patio cover can save you an annual 26 percent on your energy costs by minimizing the amount of heat that hits your home.” Your patio cover starts to pay for itself over time because it allows you to save money on your energy bills by keeping your patio 20 degrees cooler.

Protected Patio Furniture

The furniture on your patio is exposed to the elements all year round. A patio cover allows you to shade your patio furniture and reduce the amount of wear and tear from the elements by 10 percent. In fact, a patio cover will help your furniture accrue less dirt and slow down rotting from extreme temperatures. In the winter time, a patio cover can reduce the amount of snow, sleet, or run-off water from melting snow from damaging your patio and its furnishings. You can also protect your entrance from the rain with a patio cover.

Aesthetic Beauty

A patio cover that blends in with your home’s color and style can give your residence curb appeal. Not only does a patio cover provide shade, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your home.

More Enjoyable Activities in the Outdoors

The shade from a patio cover helps you enjoy reading, swinging, sitting, grilling, and entertaining on your patio by providing shade. In fact, according to Patio Covers of Idaho, “the right patio cover can help you enjoy your hot tub all year long.”

Two Popular Types Of Patio Covers

Open Lattice

Open lattice patio covers give you balanced shade with evenly distributed posts and beams. If you want some sunlight, a lattice patio cover is your best option. Lattice coverings are great for patios that include plants because they give your patio a hint of sunlight that’s needed to help your plants grow.

Solid Cover

A solid patio cover prevents direct sunlight from reaching your patio. They provide low cost, easy-to-build protection from the elements which can keep you completely sheltered from the rain, snow, and UV rays. Unlike the lattice cover patio, it completely prohibits the elements from invading your space.

Bottom Line: The right patio cover will help you avoid extra work like shoveling snow from the steps or sweeping leaves from your front porch. Plus, it’s an easy remodeling tip that’s priced to fit any budget.

Why Customers Choose Patio Covers of Idaho

At Patio Covers of Idaho, we provide the perfect patio for all occasions. We understand how it is to do a good job. Our durable patio covers provide functionality and curb appeal that includes:

  • Custom Sizes and Shapes
  • Low-Maintenance
  • 7-Color Options
  • Full Gutter System
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

and more…

Relax and have fun under one of our strong patio cover designs. We have the style options to complement any home exterior. The professionals at Patio Covers of Idaho invite you to a free no-obligation quote online. Enjoy the benefits of a patio cover to solidify your ROI and enjoy life outdoors.

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