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The Top 5 Benefits of Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

The Top 5 Benefits of Adding A Sunroom To Your Home
A sunroom is a popular addition to your home. A sunroom is also known as a patio room or outdoor enclosure. In fact, it’s also a way to add appeal to your current home decor. Having a sunroom continues to be popular among homeowners in the United States. There are quite a few benefits of having a sunroom. Here are five key benefits of having a sunroom added to your home by Patio Covers of Idaho:

1. Leisure

Many homeowners like enjoying the outdoors without being left vulnerable to the elements. A sunroom is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at any time of the year without being exposed to the sun, snow, cold, wind, or complete impact of UV rays. You can enjoy the birds making a nest, the squirrels gathering acorns, or the rain falling from the view of your sunroom. Keep out those bothersome insects like flies and mosquitoes, too.

2. A Family/Guest Gathering Room 

Enjoy meeting with family or friends in your sunroom. Instead of trying to scramble to clean or straighten your home at the last minute, a sunroom is an excellent meeting area. Homeowners will find it the perfect space for a light lunch, or where to enjoy some quiet time to relax or read a book.

3. Extra Space 

Do you crave more space in your home? Do you long to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. A sunroom is a great investment that allows you to add additional space to your home. A sunroom serves as a private getaway right there in your home.
In some cases, an unused sunroom can be turned into a luxury bedroom. Create an upscale living space with the sunroom that you already have. Depending on the location of your sunroom and the area that you live, a sunroom used as a bedroom can add a great splash to your home. You could also consider turning that unused sunroom into a bright & cheerful home office.
Other room addition ideas:
  • Children’s Playroom
  • Library
  • Exercise Room

4. Save Money

The rising cost of energy has left many homeowners trying to save money and reduce their energy costs. Natural light can save homeowners up to 20% on their energy consumption. A sunroom gives you an opportunity to see clearly almost during any time of day.
Natural light can be a great way to provide warmth under the natural light of the sun, reducing your heating bill too.

5. Increase Home Value

If you’re looking to add value to your home, a sunroom is a great option. A room addition adds value to your home when it’s appraised. Anyone looking to buy a home will consider a higher asking price with the right room addition. A sunroom also lends curb appeal to your home, too.

Why Choose Patio Covers of Idaho For Your Sunroom Addition?

Patio Covers of Idaho is prepared to bring the outdoors to you for less than our competitors. We understand how homeowners enjoy extra space to enjoy with their family and friends. Let us know what you plan on doing with the space and we can offer you a screened or fully enclosed sunroom that offers:
·      Baked enamel finish (won’t chip or peel)
·      French doors available
·      Low to no maintenance
·      3-inch insulated walls
and much more…
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