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Transform Your Bland Backyard into an Oasis of Fun and Tranquility

Transform Your Bland Backyard into an Oasis of Fun and Tranquility

Many of us routinely spend thousands of dollars for a one or two-week vacation, but for roughly the same amount of money, you can have a vacation destination that’s with you all year long. With the right planning and the right equipment, you can transform your own backyard into a beautiful oasis – one that you will gladly spend your time in. Once your backyard paradise is in place, you can spend your summers enjoying your own home, entertaining friends and family, and throwing some impressive parties for the neighbors. 

These days many of us are spending more time at home. So-called “staycations” seem to be all the rage, as more and more people look at the relative value of spending a week on the road vs. spending time at home with family and friends. Smart homeowners are sure to discover what many people already know with the staycation concept.

Build on What You Have

Those homeowners know that adding high-end features like performance decking to your home has a number of important benefits, both in terms of your home value and in your family’s enjoyment of your home. Adding a high-quality deck with performance materials increases the value of your home, and you’ll find you’re spending more nights at home, cooking outdoors and enjoying more time with your family rather than spending money eating out.

Thanks to your amazing deck and other beautiful backyard elements, you can now do a lot more entertaining. That can be as simple as inviting your next door neighbor-couple over for a few beers and burgers, or as elaborate as hosting an end of a summer block party for your entire neighborhood.

If you’re interested in getting your backyard oasis, you can start with the elements you already have, then look at ways to incorporate those existing elements into a grander and more ambitious design. If your home already includes a deck, consider replacing poor quality wood with a better grade of performance decking, one that needs less maintenance and retains its good looks for years.

Craft Your Oasis

Once the centerpiece of your backyard oasis is in place, the sky is literally the limit for your outdoor living space. You can create an outdoor entertaining space, complete with an outdoor cooking area and covered patio for dining. You can build a custom patio that extends off your great deck, increasing the amount of living space around your home and decreasing the amount of grass you need to mow. You can add an above ground pool to your deck and invite the neighbors over for a swim. No matter what you want out of your outdoor living space, you can create the ultimate backyard space you’ve always wanted.

If you are worried that this kind of backyard transformation is out of your price range, just think back on how much you spent on that last family vacation. You may not have to think back too far, since you may still be paying for those hotel rooms and plane tickets. If you put your money into your own home instead, you can create a backyard your whole family will love, and you can enjoy it year round instead of just one or two weeks a year.

What’s Next?

Check out your backyard and patio with a creative eye, deciding whether one or more of these suggestions are right for your space and budget. If you’re ready to cover or extend your patio with a new pergola, covering, or deck, Patio Covers of Idaho has low-maintenance solutions that look great and perform exceptionally. Give us a call today to get your patio ready for your perfect summer backyard outings.


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